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Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) – Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level

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Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |

I’d been wanting to try chickpea flour pancakes (sometimes known as besan or garbanzo flour too, or even besan chilla and cheela) and there are nearly as many different ways to make them as there are names!

Actually, I’d heard of so many that I got a little stuck with where to start.

I knew I wanted to keep them pretty traditional (I absolutely love Indian food and these have a lot of history in Northern India) and so I wanted to keep that lovely Indian flavour but I also wanted to give them a modern, western twist so they’d be really quick and use no mysterious ingredients I’d have to travel across Europe for.

After plenty of trial and error, this is what was born. Different to most pancakes that we’ve made in the past, these are decidedly savoury.

Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |

Our now world-famous 2 ingredient pancakes can be eaten both sweet or savoury, as can these high protein cottage cheese, but these chickpea pancakes are something else entirely.

With a pleasingly aromatic smell, these pancakes immediately ask to be paired with pickles and chutneys, or a yogurt or cream dip. Hummus and guacamole also go really well.

And so, dear readers, we give you chickpea pancakes.

A high protein, high fibre breakfast, lunch or dinner that tastes like the best of Indian cuisine while being easy to make, and even easier to eat.

Any vegans out there will also be pleased to hear that these are right up their street, as well will gluten or lactose avoiders.

Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |
Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |

Chickpea Pancakes – What I Learnt

As mentioned, these chickpea (or besan/chillas) pancakes are exceptionally easy to make, and made even better when these simple rules are followed.

  • Use a large pan. These pancakes are far superior when they’re thin – easier to flip and the veggies get cooked better too.
  • Use a non-stick pan, and use a little tissue to make sure the surface is evenly coated in oil.
  • Use whatever veg you have laying around. This dish works on so many levels that virtually any vegetable will work with it, so here’s your chance to use those leftovers!
  • Dice the veg finely. The smaller it’s chopped, the better it cooks.
  • Eat them hot! In my humble opinion this is imperative, so if you’re cooking multiple pancakes then keep them warm in the oven.
  • Once they’re all ready, don’t dawdle 🙂
Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |

To ghee or not to ghee, that is the question.

Throughout my experiments with this recipe, I came across a very interesting topic, worthy of our time.

Ghee is often used in Indian cooking, and, as may well be expected, goes very well as the cooking base in this dish (it replaces the oil).

It is made by melting butter and then removing the milk solids. It still has that buttery taste, and has a really high smoke point, so it’s perfect for pancakes.

It’s also high in vitamins A and E, and according to Care2 it can last for a verrrrry long time!

It is not vegan of course, however it does seem to be one of the only dairy products that is lactose-free, or so low in lactose that it won’t cause a reaction to dairy intolerant people anyway.

You should always check with your doctor of course and that doesn’t mean it’s safe for dairy allergic peeps however, so if you are, we highly advise you stay away!

If you’re interested in ghee and would like to try it, it’s easy to find. You can click here or in the recipe below if you’d like to look at the different types available.

So – up to you. Whether you go with ghee or stick with olive oil, you’re in for a treat. Welcome to the next level of pancake!

Chickpea Flour Pancakes
4.76 from 150 votes
A savory pancake begging to be eaten with pickles and chutneys or yogurts and cream. East meets West with this beautifully, wonderfully healthy dish.
Diet: dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, vegan
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes
YouTube video


Topping suggestions

  • ¼ bell pepper, red
  • ¼ cup peas
  • 1 tbsp hummus


  • Add the chickpea flour, water, turmeric, salt, pepper and chili flakes (if using) to a mixing bowl and give it a quick blend using a food processor or blender. Leave it to settle for a few minutes while you heat up the oil or ghee in a non-stick pan. The batter needs to look very runny!
    Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |
  • Finely dice the spring onions and add them to the mixture.
  • In a pan heat up the oil, then add the mixture when the pan is hot – medium heat should be just right.
    Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |
  • Cook for about 4 minutes – the mixture will quickly start to firm.
  • Make sure you use a large pan here, you’re aiming for thin pancakes. They’re MUCH easier to handle!
  • Use a large spatula to help you flip the pancakes. After another 2-3 minutes your pancake will be ready!
    Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla/Cheela) - Traditional Pancakes Taken To The Next Level |
  • Done! Add your desired toppings and enjoy (eg. peas and bell pepper).

Serving suggestions:

  • Any chutneys (red onion is a favourite of ours) yogurt dip, hummus, avocado, guacamole, Branston Pickle (if you can find it where you are it goes incredibly well!).


Make-ahead? Yes, the batter can be made ahead.
Freezable? Yes! Again, either the batter or the pancakes (keep the toppings separate).
IF YOU LIKED THIS RECIPE: then check out Kat’s Overnight Oats for another great breakfast idea. Otherwise this lovely Mango Lassi is a beautiful Indian way to wake up!


Nutrition Facts
Chickpea Flour Pancakes
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Recipe Rating

  1. 5 stars
    I grated some Jerusalem artichoke into the batter, alongside chives and parsley, and we had some leftover stewed spiced apple with it – yum! Glad to have found another tasty way to use my glut of artichokes!

    1. Wow, that does sound like a tasty variation! Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with artichokes.

  2. 5 stars
    Thank you very much! I really enjoyed this recipe. Delicious, healthy and so easy to prepare!

    1. Ha, made this one last week as well! Really happy you liked these pancakes, Vanessa!

  3. 5 stars
    I used double the ingredients and that was enough for one to two people for a main meal

    1. Hi Rosemarie, yep sounds about perfect! It’s set to one serving at the moment (a relatively small one, but with room for extra toppings and so on, if you wish). I hope you enjoyed it!

  4. Used leeks instead of spring onions and crisped them in the ghee first. Removed them, poured pancake batter into flavoured ghee, sprinkled crispy leeks on top while the pancake cooked. So good.

    1. That sounds wonderful!! Thanks for sharing, Seena!

  5. 5 stars
    Tried this loved it. Added a touch more water, but otherwise as advised. Will definitely make again. Thank you. Served with some finely cubed and sautéed sweet potato, red pepper and vegan bacon with chipotle flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice …yum.

    1. Awesome!!! So good to hear. Sounds like a feast. Which vegan bacon brand can you recommend?

  6. 5 stars
    I am not well versed in the kitchen at all. I struggle to make pretty much anything myself. I started working out, so I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try this recipe to eat after coming home from the gym. I only had broccoli in my fridge, and no turmeric, so I diced the broccoli I had and added 1tsp of paprika and 1tsp of cumin. Also, I made half a cup instead of one cup, since it’s my first time trying this, I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with two pots. Also, I’m vegan, so I tried avocado oil instead of ghee, since it was a high smoke point too. Let me tell you- it was SO easy to make this, I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. SO delicious!!! I am beyond happy, and well fed! Thank you!

    1. Cris, so good to hear this!! I wish you lots of success with your health goals! I regularly make these, so easy :-))

  7. Hello! Can the batter or the cooked pancakes be frozen? Thank you!

    1. I never tried it to be honest. I don’t think anything speaks against it!

  8. 5 stars
    Very delicious and I can’t wait to try different combinations of flavours! Thanks!

    1. Deffo a go-to of mine as well! 🙂
      Glad you liked the recipe, Nouran!

  9. 5 stars
    How can something so easy and fast be so yummy?! I used oat milk instead of water, just because it needed using. Also added methi, cause – well, I just love methi! Thanks for this delicious, easy recipe!

    1. Woop! Awesome to hear! Really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for writing

      1. Hi, this didn’t quite work for me – the texture ended up being quite wet and sticky rather than crispy, even though it was in the pan for quite a while. Still tasty though!

        1. Hi Sarah! Oh dear, well I’m glad you still enjoyed it! Did you use a very large pan to get the pancake really thin? That’s deffo important for the crispness. Please give it another shot in the largest pan you have (or alternatively try splitting into two pancakes if you have a smaller pan). Enjoy!

  10. 5 stars
    Great recipe! I really like these, so I imagine this is where the rest of my long disused bag of chickpea flour is going to go! I found I got the best texture by pouring in the middle of the pan, then using a soup spoon to spread the batter out thin (like I’ve read suggested for dosas). I ate them with tamarind pickle and pickled red onions, but I can see how you could use these as a vessel for almost anything. I know what I’m making if I run out of tortillas for a quesadilla too 🙂

    1. Uhh, tamarind pickle sounds pretty cool!! I’d like to try that! And yes, if you have sth to spread out the batter even better! If not, then having a slightly more liquidy batter will work too.
      I’m a fan of these as well 🙂

  11. 5 stars
    Thanks for the top recipe. Am also very keen to find a mini blender like yours! I’ve never seen one with the motor in the lid. I’m in the UK and they don’t seem to have these.many thanks

    1. Hi Jenny, actually it’s a hand blender, the Braun Multiquick 7. It looks like they have an updated version out now (, affiliate link). I’m a fan, esp nice for blending sauces or soups inside the pot too!

  12. 5 stars
    I’m going to make it now for my dinner ..
    Loved the way you explained it ..
    I’m hungry can’t stop myself from eating this chila

    1. Of course, make them quicker! They’re so delicious and healthy!

  13. 5 stars
    Great tasting and so easy to make. Thank yiu

    1. Happy to help, glad you enjoyed!

  14. 4 stars
    The batter tasted kind of plain so I hit it with garam masala and a bunch of curry powder and it’s delicious! If you like more flavor I’d highly recommend throwing some of both into the mix.

    1. Agreed, curry powder in the batter is also delicious! There are lots of spices that taste great in the batter and put your signature twist on it 🙂

  15. 5 stars
    Quick, easy and filling breakfast recipe! I rolled them up like crepes…they were delicious!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Thank you for the comment

  16. 5 stars
    Amazing! Fell in love with this recipe! 🙂 Quick question though: How did you calculate the nutritional value? Everywhere I look, gram flour has around 20g of protein per 100g (or so), not only 10g of protein… o.O Is that a typo or does cooking it decreases it’s protein count somehow? I’m just curious because I’m trying to replace animal protein sources with plant ones and I was a bit sad to hear it’s only this low. Thanks!

  17. 5 stars
    We went vegan 6 weeks ago. Breakfast sandwiches w/egg is the only animal food item I have missed. I added green onions and minced cremini mushrooms in the batter. I also added nutritional yeast along with the turmeric. I made small pancakes and we had them in place of our egg on a bagel sandwich with spinach leaves & vegan provolone. This recipe is amazing and so quick and easy! I loved the flavor of these pancakes more than the eggs I have been missing!! This is my new favorite recipe!! I think this will make a great versatile recipe to try different spices, fresh herbs and veggies depending on your taste. Thank you!

    1. Ah wow! I love the ideas (except the mushrooms, I just can’t do it 😀 ), but the rest sounds amazing. How are you finding the vegan experience so far?

      1. Update: Still using this recipe at least once a week. Still adding shallots/mushrooms/nutritional yeast & now black salt. This recipe is so quick, easy and amazing. The vegan experience is going great. I can not get over the way my health is improving. My gut is always happy and I am finding plant based cooking so much more flavorful and satisfying. Finding and utilizing all the great vegan recipe sites, like this one, only makes this new journey easier and tastier. Thank you!

        1. Ah wow, that’s so good to hear! It’s made my morning :). Really pleased it’s going so well. Thank you writing, Angela and long may it continue!

  18. I’m assuming 1 pancake is 1 serving? These look absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to make them!

    1. Hi Lauren, yes exactly! 1 pancake is 1 serving. Really glad you like the look, enjoy!!

      1. 5 stars
        Made these this morning for breakfast and they were DELICIOUS! Thank you so much for sharing this!

        1. Ahhhh thank you, Lauren!! They’re personal faves of mine, too. I’m not sure if you were purposefully looking for vegan pancakes or not, but if you like feta (or salad cheese) I also looove these ones that Hauke made at the mo!

          Thanks for writing, have a good day!

  19. 2 stars
    These are quite bad. First time I thought maybe I did something wrong, but they were bad the second time too. I’m half Indian and love turmeric but this recipe calls for too much – even when halved its overpowering. My Indian husband didn’t enjoy his either. Bad taste. The quantities must be wrong, it’s definitely the seasonings used. We used finely diced tomatoes, onion and coriander with green chillies. The vegetables were the only nice thing about it. Will have to take the recipe from my mother in law, sorry Dave.

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear it Adri. I love these pancakes SO MUCH! I’ll check the turmeric again though, it can indeed overpower quickly. Would you like to share you mother-in-law’s recipe? I’m always excited for new chickpea ideas!

  20. 5 stars
    Turned out really delicious! I caramelized some thinly sliced onions and added those to the batter in place of the veggies. Also omitted the turmeric, not a fan of that. Made 4 pancakes and first one was gone before it even got to the table! Will be making this again and again.

    1. Hi Natalie! It sounds AWESOME! Funny enough, we’re developing some new chickpea pancake variations at the moment – and one is with caramelized onions – it was great. We had it with feta. Did you have it with a dip or chutney or just how it was? We’re always open to ideas 🙂

  21. 5 stars
    I’ve just discovered this recipe and I love it. Now I’m going through all the recipes here. Well done!

    1. Thanks Giliane! This one is definitely a personal fave, too. Enjoy the next recipes you try

  22. Great recipe, it turned out perfect! Thanks a lot for enriching my list of lunch/dinner options. I did not have spring onion so I used shallots, which worked well. Also added some thyme and lovage.

    1. I have been craving omelette since going plant based, but this really hit the spot! I added some kala namak for the eggy taste, fried veggies which I folded inside the pancake like an omelette.Thanks for the inspiration!!

      1. Yay, glad you found a tasty omelette alternative!

  23. 5 stars
    Just made these to eat with my leftover Broc/Cauli soup (your recipe) and they were so yummy I could have made them my whole meal! The only veggie I used in the batter was the green onion and ate the pancakes topped with a dollop of whole milk plain yogurt. I love anything with the combination of turmeric and black pepper since it is such a good immunity system boost…Golden Milk is one of my favorite calming and comforting evening drinks. On another note, I want to compliment you on the design and content of your website. I found your site years ago, but at the time most of your recipes did not match my diet/cooking style. I’ve since changed my diet dramatically to gluten-free, mostly plant-based and am really interested in getting the most nutrition I can from my meals. I’m really enjoying surfing through your recipes and especially enjoying what I’ve tried so far! Thank you! 😀

    1. Thanks again G! It’s really awesome to hear that people love using our site, it means a lot to us. I’m guessing you already found the drop-down menu where you can select ‘gluten-free’ and so on?

      Love these pancakes too! They’ve been a staple for years now, and it’s got to the stage where I crave them. And I think that’s a good sign 😀

  24. 5 stars
    AWESOME! Made these tonight to go alongside some dahl. Thanks for a very easy to follow recipe!

    1. Cheers arj! Glad you enjoyed! They’re a fave of mine, too. I love them with chutney (or even branston pickle) 🙂

  25. 5 stars
    I tried making these today and I put fresh ground turmeric. I am Indian so put lots if green chillies, 1 white onion, 1 capsicum, and a few baby tomatoes. Alas I used a small pan but nevertheless they tasted awesome. Once ready I sliced some mozzarella cheese, stuck it in the micro for 30 seconds and it was absolutely awesome. Thank you.

    1. That sounds really good, Arifa! Did you cook the baby tomatoes directly in the batter or on top afterwards? Your version sounds really tasty as well, I’m intrigued!

  26. Thank you for recipe tasted great and so easy to make !!!

    1. Woop! Happy to have another of the pancakes, Nicola!

  27. 5 stars
    Love these pancakes made them twice now. The wife can’t get enough of them super easy and so versatile made a garlic and coriander version tonight to eat with some chilli beef . They were brilliant I’m gluten free and have chron’s so haven’t eaten anything like this for years as the shop bought Gf free ones just fall apart and taste terrible. Would like to thank you for taking the time to put this recipe up. Made my day eating these.

    1. Really glad to hear you’re enjyoing them, Jonathon! They’re a firm fave here, too. I’ll skip the beef but the garlic and coriander version sounds great!!

      1. Hi, these sound great, am going to try. I can buy the flour, but just wondering if draining tinned chick peas might work if the liquid content was reduced? ( i have tins so i cd try straight away, ahead of shopping!)

        1. hmmm, no I don’t think it would work. Good question really. If you try, let me know please!

  28. Is it my pan? My hob? My ineptitude as a cook? Because my pancakes look nothing like those shown. In fact I’ve just tried to make them again and, though one turned out edible the rest went into the bin as a horrible doughy mess.

    1. Oh dear!! I’ll take a video of these in the next couple of days. Sorry to hear about the result 🙁

  29. 5 stars
    Brilliant, I have just had these for lunch with garlic, tomato and mushroom, delicious and so easy to make. Thank you I’m sure I will be using this recipe again.

  30. Hi Dave-Someone mentioned that they boiled chickpeas and dehydrated them before grinding into flour. If you do that, your pancake will flop, since boiled besan will not cling together. You would have to include egg to keep it together. Even dosas (a slightly different Indian pancake made with ground raw rice and urad dhal) will not hold if any of the ingredients are cooked. This is a hugely popular breakfast/anytime dish, and is worth investigation. Good luck!!

    1. Hey Tony, thanks for the info! Will definitely have a further look into this. I love these pancakes, and any tips to help people cook them are much appreciated!

  31. 5 stars
    Thank you so much for this super easy and fast pancake recipe. I just added a pinch or two of turmeric and not so much spring onions. I added chopped tomatoes to the batter. These were so good, it will also make a good roti or flat bread. Do you have any Lupinen flour recipes?

    1. Hi Deborah! Really glad you enjoyed the pancakes! They’re one of my favourites too. I’m sure the extra turmeric was excellent in them, the tomatoes too. We don’t any have lupine flour recipes I’m afraid – in all honesty I just had to look up what they were. It did take me to a great Monty Python sketch with lupins, but that’s probably not the answer you were looking for. Are they particularly tasty/nutritious?

      1. 5 stars
        hi Dave, sorry about the long delay, I just now read your response. I bought the Süßlupinen-mehl at my local grocery store. I also live in Germany btw. It’s a bit on the sweeter side and it’s yellow in color. I use it in smoothies, but I would like to use it in baking/pancakes too. The package says it’s an egg replacement and high in protein and fiber. The producer name is Borchers and the web address is: Oh one question…do you think the above pancake recipe would be good with lentil flour?

        1. Hey Deb, no worries! The flour sounds pretty cool, now that I know what I’m looking for I’ll hunt some down too. Without trying the lentil flour myself it’s hard to say for sure, but I can’t see a bit problem! You might have to play around the with consistency to get it perfect, but I bet the taste will be great!

        2. So as an Indian I can comment on this. We actually do make “pancakes” with a lot of different lentil flours. We sometimes make mixes of lentils and grains, sometimes just one type of lentil, sometimes beans and lentils.

          we also play around with spices. India is a huge country and the spices that are used from north to south and east to west vary with frequency of use.

          Like Dave said, you will have to play around with the batter consistencies to see what will work. But you will also have to play with how much oil you put on your pan because some lentil flours are stickier than others. You might also have to add some grain flours in to mitigate this stickiness. it’s all an experiment. So have fun and enjoy.

  32. 5 stars
    I didn’t have a lot of luck when I first tried this recipe – too many veg in the mix I think – but I’ve modified it and enjoy at least once a week for breakfast. I use approx 1/3 cup each of chickpea flour and water and a pinch of salt. When cooked I top with a drizzle of maple syrup, sliced banana, maybe a sprinkle of nutmeg and homemade soy yoghurt. So simple and so DELISH! The chickpea and banana flavours really complement each other. YUM. 🙂

    1. Ooh nice! I’ve still only eaten this as a savoury pancake, but I can imagine without the veg it could go really nicely with the banana and nutmeg!!

  33. 5 stars
    These were so simple to make but dropped a tonne of flavour, I love them! I had mine with smashed avocado and diced tomatoes, very filling and tasty. Thanks for recipe!

    1. Yaaay, really cool you liked these, Leisa! I’m a fan too 😀

  34. 5 stars
    Hi Dave, we grow chick peas and I decided to Google recipes for chickpea flour to see if it was worth grinding the peas to flour. So im just sharing what a success your recipe is. My flour came out whole grain of course so I sifted the husk off and changed the ratio from 1:1 to 1:1.5. ie. One cup flour to 1.5 cup water then did everything else as you said! Exchanged cumin for the chili tho and im no vegan so added organic grass fed butter and also fried them in that, then topped off with a tiny sprinkle of organic cheese that melted on top just at the end. Great for anyone on a diet or giving up grain, and fantastic savory taste.

    1. Hi Katy, thank you for the kind words and thanks for writing all the tips! That’s really cool, and I’m sure that answers some of the questions above. Growing your own chickpeas looks great, I’ve just read up a bit about it. Do you find it easy? Or at least easier with time? Yes, I’m sure the butter is great for cooking them, ghee works wonders, too. Never tried them with cheese, as although I love both cheese and curry (I’m not sure which more 😀 ) I never tried them together before. Perhaps I will now…

  35. Hi Dave, thank you for your message! I guess there is really a difference between store-bought and home made chickpea flour. There weren’t any lumps in the batter itself – it was thick, but smooth. However I couldn’t turn the pancake. It would break, and thus the lumps developed. But it tasted good nevertheless!

    1. I’m glad you still enjoyed them anyway, Daniela :). One last thought – could the pan make a difference? If the pans aren’t quite as non-stick as they used to be, maybe some extra oil/ghee would help? Happy cooking!

  36. Hi, unfortunately this recipe didn’t work out for me at all. First of all, the water was not enough, because it became a thick paste. So I added more than 1 cup in addition. But then I had a lot of clumps instead of a pancake. Could it be that I used the wrong flour? I always make chickpea flour myself by cooking the garbanzo beans and then dehydrating them.

    1. Hi Daniela! Sorry to hear the recipe didn’t work out. I’ve made this a couple of times again recently to check the recipe is accurate still and mine turned out well – so I’m not quite sure what happened with yours! Absolutely it could be the flour. I’ll confess I’ve never made my own chickpea flour, I always use store-bought. I think you were right to add a bit more water as the batter does need to be thin, but the lumps don’t sound good. Do you have a hand blender to smooth them out?

  37. 3 stars
    I really wanted to enjoy this recipe but I am afraid i did not. i think the turmeric is overpowering, 1/2 cup peas and peppers together is too much for the pancake to hold and I also found that 3 spring onions made it taste a bit too much like spring onion.

    I wish it had more of a flavour that was less turmeric-y. Any suggestions?

    1. Oh dear! I’m saddened to hear it didn’t work out so well. With regards to the veg I’ve found the amount seems to work very well with the batter (which would be for four pancakes). I will recheck the numbers though. Flavour-wise I would suggest then a little less tumeric and more curry powder. Maybe 1/2 tsp cumin, too. I hope that helps!

    2. Hi, I loved this recipe. Had no spring onion used red onion instead and added a pinch of mustard powder. Turned out great!

  38. 5 stars
    Made these for dinner today and added red pepper and roasted sweet potato, super delicious!

    1. Awesome! Ahh the sweet potato is a great idea, thanks. Will definitely try that out the next time I make them

  39. 4 stars
    I have a medical condition where I can’t eat any chilis or hot pepper. What do you suggest as an alternative flavoring.


    1. Hi Gregory, then I’d remove the red chili and simply add half a teaspoon of cumin. It’s traditionally used in many Indian dishes and would definitely fit into this one, too. I’m not sure how curry powder would affect you, but half a teaspoon of that would also be tasty.

    2. 4 stars
      I don’t add a thing to the batter except for a little olive oil, the nutty flavour of the chickpeas is delicious enough. I like to add some baby spinach and ricotta as a topping, or if the pancake is soft enough, you can just roll them with this as a filling inside. I’ve seen other versions where people add cottage cheese or avocado and little lemon juice. Also, if you keep the pancake plain you can make a sweet mixture of your choice, for example some lightly cooked raspberries or strawberries, maybe a little cream. Endless variations.

      1. Thanks for all the valuable tips Sue!! Will need to make a different version of this recipe again with all the inspiration you gave us 😀

    3. So the way we make our Cheelas (and we are Indian) is we put a whole bunch of fresh coriander/cilantro and fresh fenugreek in ours. So it’s just salt and cilantro and fenugreek in the batter. No pepper, no chilli powder. No cumin either. Play around with the spices and herbs you like. There’s no fixed way. I also eat it like a wrap with an entire salad inside it (which is not traditional, but hey, I like it that way).

      So the reason we started putting fenugreek in ours was because we had to eat protein based breakfasts with no carb-heavy things – so no wheat/rice. And in india we have this think called a “thepla” (which is a fenugreek flatbread) which me and my mum love. And I hated these pancakes. And it was the only thing my mom could think of to feed us. So I told her to add fenugreek to the pancakes as a compromise. It was sooooo good.

      1. Thanks for sharing the info T, both comments were a really good read. And I agree, there’s a lot of experimentation to do here (I still do as well!). This is my current favourite version – but this has got me in the mood to try another style now as well. I like the idea of the wrap you mention, will give it a go!

  40. 5 stars
    This would make a nice replacement for chappatis made with wheat, as I have given up gluten.

    1. Sounds good to me! We just made chappatis for our new ebook, and they were delicious!

  41. 5 stars
    These are good. Great recipe. Added Pea, spring onion and sweetcorn. tried one with cumin seeds but preferred the turmeric flavour without cumin seeds. Pinned to my recipe board now. Thanks for this one.

    1. You’re welcome Al! I’m glad you enjoyed – they’re a personal fave of mine too 🙂

  42. This recipe looks great! I like to make my breakfasts ahead of time on Sunday so I don’t have to cook during the week. I know you say don’t let them get cold but is it ok to make these in advance, put them in the fridge and microwave them when ready to eat? What is the downside to this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Octavia, I’m really glad you found it – it’s one of my faves! Actually, I can’t see why that wouldn’t work to be honest. Cold they’re not very nice, but reheated they should be fine. Please let me know how it goes!

      1. Hi! I too, like to prep as much as possible on a Sunday; would an option be to prep the batter and keep it in the fridge? Would the batter last? Or even if I prepped the batter the night before? Thoughts?

        1. Hi Sami, while I haven’t tried that myself, it actually sounds like a great idea. I’d chop any veg at the last minute, but making the batter the night before should be great. Of course, it should probably be covered and then given a quick stir in the morning but I’d imagine you’d be set to go! I think I need to try it myself, too 🙂

        2. In the French version of this dish, the batter is left to settle at room temperature for 12 – 24 hours, in addition a couple of tablespoons of olive is added. I wouldn’t add the vegetables until just before frying, so you could dice the and leave in an air proof container in the fridge.

  43. HI I have been making socca for awhile now but now want to make a more filling chickpea
    Pancake with some greens, veggies, herbs etc. but these pancakes are turning out fairly soft,
    Not thin and crispy as I had hoped. Any suggestions?

    1. Hiya Karen, good question! Let’s see if we can help you get them nice and crispy. First – could it be that too many veggies are making them too watery (and therefore cooking soft)? Or are you using frozen veg at all perhaps? Otherwise, maybe a little more oil, and a slightly higher heat spring to mind. A good, big pan is definitely the way forward too! I’ll keep thinking about it too 🙂

      1. Thanks. I agree maybe too much spinach and cilantro. Should just stick with smaller diced veggies. Will try with the cast iron pan in the oven on high heat next time. Would like to get a flavored pancake rather than just socca bread with toppings, do you know what I mean. Appreciate your reply!

        1. Haha yes, certainly! I’d be very interested to hear how they turn out now. Improving/changing recipes is always very important to us, and feedback really helps us! I eat these often too, so I’m glad other people are enjoying them 🙂

  44. 5 stars
    I love this recipe and have just discovered this flour (called Gram flour in my local UK Asian store). I use rice bran oil, vegan, healthy and high temperature cooking. It is also brilliant for roasting potatoes and other vegetables and making onion bhajis!

    1. Yes, it has various names I noticed. Ah never heard of rice bran oil! Will keep an eye out for it. Thanks Kate 😀

      1. These are great! I did them as sweet. For the batter; a tsp of tumeric, tbsp of cinnamon and sugar. And caramel sauce to top them off. Thanks!

        1. What a great combo! Thanks for sharing Tangina! 🙂

    2. Really glad to hear you like the recipe so much too Kate! I just saw this comment and went to make some, then I realised I’m out of chickpea flour. Will pick up more now. Good to know the UK name too, it’ll be easier to find it when I’m next back 🙂

    3. Rice bran oil is one of the “Hateful Eight” industrial seed oils, which are toxic, not healthy. Use coconut oil, avocado oil, butter, peanut oil, Or even olive oil, though it’s not the best oil for frying

  45. 4 stars
    These are my new “go-to” for a quick dinner. Full disclosure, I don’t get all fancy with them. Last night I just spiced the batter with salt, pepper, and sage, and put a little butter on them when I ate them. Best ever was when I had some leftover spiralized butternut squash and tossed that in. So, don’t get hung up on tradition. Once you realize that 1/3 cup of garbo flour mixed with 1/3C water magically turns into dinner while you’re busy feeding the tortoise, you can spread your wings and fly wherever the cupboard takes you. 🙂

    1. Haha that’s great Wendy. Yep, experimentation is certainly the way forward. The squash idea is awesome, thanks for sharing!

    2. 5 stars
      One of my favorite recipes! I would like to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my diet and I love this one. Chickpea (or besan) flour is abundant in my culture so this was a perfect fit! It was healthy, quick, and high in protein (so my meat-loving fiancé can’t complain that there’s no protein). I usually make a spicy curry sauce to pair with it like Vindaloo or tikka masala. I’ve made this many times now and always go with the red bell peppers and green onions. The runnier and thinner the pancake the better! Because they get nice and crispy :)Never disappointed! Thank you

      1. Thanks a lot for the tip regarding the”liquidity”! Yes, it’s absolutely important 🙂

      2. Can you make the dough ahead of time and cook later?

        1. yes, it’s not really a dough though, it’s very liquidy!

    3. 5 stars
      So easy and tasty. I’m not vegan, just cant eat eggs and really miss them. I had these pancakes with feta cheese, tomatoes, spring onions and yello pepper. Delicious and satisfying. Will be a regular from now on! Thanks, Dave

      1. Happy to help! Love to hear from successful vegan substitutions, thank you for writing!

      2. Oooo. That sounds scrumptious! I’d not have thought of that combo, so thanks for the inspiration!