How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes!

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes!

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How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |

After contacting Gisele, my favourite person from Brazil, the home of the Acai Berry, I’m happy to say I now can teach you how to make an acai bowl – original style.

I bet not even the hippest California Sunshine Breakfast House can serve any better. Açaí na tigela, man!

But first let’s answer a couple of important questions on acai berries and then dive into how to make a proper acai bowl.

What is acai?

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |
Left photo by Forest Starr and Kim Starr, right photo by Eli Duke

Acai is a dark purple berry that tastes like a combination of wild berries, chocolate and soil, yep soil.

The berry is not sweet and you can’t just munch them like blueberries, because about 90% of it is the stone!

The berries grow on the acai palm tree, natively around the Amazon river in South America (1).

Since these trees need rainforest conditions, Brazil and surrounding countries are pretty much the only places where acai berries are cultivated.

Oh and Açaí is pronounced: ‘ah-sigh-EE’

Health benefits of acai berries

You probably want to make an acai bowl, because you heard of the amazing health benefits this so-called superfruit brings along?

Well, here is what they do for you:

Acai berries are a rich in antioxidants (like other berries too). That’s great, because a diet rich in antioxidants has been linked to contribute against the effects of aging and diseases like cancer (2, 3).

That’s also why marketing people love using that word. “High in antioxidants here, rich in antioxidants there.”

On top of that, acai berries are rich in fiber, protein and have high levels of heart healthy fats.

The hype around the acai berries surely rose due to the claims they help you slow down aging and lose weight. Both claims are rather bogus though (4).

So, is the acai berry a superfood?

Yes it is. But so is any other berry! Give acai a shot if you’re after something new, for example our original acai bowl recipe from my Brazilian friend! But don’t expect any miracles 🙂 (5).

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |

Fresh, Juice, Puree, Powder?

Let’s use fresh acai berries! Not possible unfortunately.

Fresh acai berries will be difficult to get, unless you live in Brazil and happen to have a an acai berry palm tree growing close by. That you’re allowed to harvest.

They go rancid very quickly which is why they cannot be shipped fresh. But luckily there are other options!

What about acai berry juice for the bowl?

Acai Juices are a bit of a problem too. At room temperature the juice quickly loses many of its beneficial nutrients.

Also, you don’t really know how much acai is in your juice: some studies have shown you often find less antioxidants (the stuff acai is so famous for) in acai juice than in regular apple juice (6).

So if you’re after the nutrients of these berries, making our acai bowl with juice isn’t the best option.

Ok then, but Frozen Acai Puree works?

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |

Acai Puree works excellently for an acai bowl. It’s usually sold in packs of 100 g/3.53 oz and costs you around $2.50 per pack.

High quality products are shock frozen right after harvesting to preserve as many nutrients as possible. Also, you shouldn’t find any additives or sweeteners in it.

Incredible but true: you can even buy frozen acai puree on Amazon (click here, or here)! The packs arrive frozen at your doorstep. (They put dried ice into the parcel. How cool is that? Literally, haha).

Can I also use Acai Berry Powder for my bowl?

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |

Yes, Acai Berry Powder works fine too! For a good quality powder you clock in at around $4.5 per ounce ($20 per 100g).

The product is dry-frozen, which basically means the pulp is frozen and then the water is removed. It’s a great way to preserve nutrients.

You can buy acai powder online. If you do, make sure you pick a good quality product like this one (Amazon Link)!

And what about those Acai Capsules?

Acai Capsules will not serve for an acai bowl. Plus, there are some naughty scams out there trying to sell you acai berry capsules as a miracle weight loss product (7).

And they’re not tasty either. For that reason we’ll skip them.

Looks all good, but why is acai so damn expensive?

It’s not because it’s a mystical superberry which is arduous to grow and painfully harvested. Actually it’s a cheap, abundant product in Brazil.

The price goes up because of the processing, transportation and tax. And a good deal of the price is a profit margin, I’m sure.

How to make an acai bowl

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |

And now the real fun begins!

The typical Brazilian Acai Bowl is called Açaí na tigela and pretty much consists of frozen acai berry pulp and a dash of guarana syrup.

It’s served with some granola and a few slices of banana on top. You’ll find it everywhere around the beach areas in Brazil.

Since guarana syrup is hard to find, the closest you can get to that recipe is by using these packs with guarana extract (Amazon Link).

We’ll make a healthier breakfast version of this classic replacing the guarana syrup and granola. Healthier, but awesome. It’s all you could wish for in an acai bowl!

Dark purple colour, lovely ice-creamy texture, refreshing and sweet, but filling. All in all this is a really tasty and feel-good breakfast.

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How to make an Acai Bowl

What are the health benefits? Is it really a superfood? Which product to buy? How to make an original Brazilian Acai Bowl? All answers inside!
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine Vegan
Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 bowl
Calories 374kcal


  • 1 handful berry mix, frozen
  • 1 banana (frozen)
  • 1 pack acai puree (or 2 tsp of acai powder with 3-4 crushed ice cubes)
  • 3-4 tbsp rolled oats
  • cups soy milk (or rice milk, just keep it gluten-free if needed)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup (or honey for non-vegans)

For garnish


  • If you use a frozen pack of acai puree make sure you break it in a couple of places before you throw it into a blender. If you go the powder + ice cube route be sure your blender can handle it!
  • To get it really ice-creamy first peel and put the banana into the freezer for two hours.
  • To make the acai bowl add all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.
  • Now garnish as you wish.


Thanks Gisele for passing over so many awesome acai recipes! Besos 😀
If you liked this acai bowl then you’ll definitely need to try our Avocado Fitness Smoothie or this Natural Chia Seed Energy Drink (originates from the ancient Mexican Tarahumara tribe)


Nutrition Facts
How to make an Acai Bowl
Amount Per Serving (465 g)
Calories 374 Calories from Fat 81
% Daily Value*
Fat 9g14%
Saturated Fat 2.1g13%
Sodium 92mg4%
Potassium 765mg22%
Carbohydrates 64g21%
Fiber 10.1g42%
Sugar 31.7g35%
Protein 10g20%
Vitamin A 850IU17%
Vitamin C 34.7mg42%
Calcium 90mg9%
Iron 2.3mg13%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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8 more Acai Bowl Recipes

As you see making an acai bowl is really easy! And since these berries have gotten quite popular in the last couple of years many food bloggers have been doing their version of this tasty and healthy breakfast treat.

How to make an Acai Bowl + 8 Insanely Creative Recipes! |

And last but not least check out the best 8 acai bowl recipes I could find in the whole wide internet:

  1. For a quick brekkie: No Fuss Acai Berry Detox Bowl
  2. For a slow Sunday morning: Irish Porridge with Acai Berry Ripple and Pistachio Cream
  3. With some greek yogurt in it! Quick and Easy Acai Bowl
  4. Finished with fruity, crunchy toppings with this Acai Berry Bowl
  5. Ever used a pineapple as a smoothie bowl? Check out this Tropical Acai Bowl!
  6. Or try out this Summer Acai Bowl out of a coconut!
  7. Interested in an acai & chia combo for breakfast? Here you go (not a super quick recipe though)
  8. Not an acai bowl, but I thought you would like it: Acai Bowl Cheesecakes!

Right then, I’m pretty sure you’re now sorted regarding anything and everything around acai – enjoy! 🙂

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  1. If only acai wasn’t so expensive! I also never see the good frozen packs around here :/

    • I just bought the frozen Acai in Publix or try your supermarket in the frozen fruit section ! Hope this helps

  2. Wow this looks delicious…I love the colors!

  3. 5 stars
    I’ve been using the powder for a while, but I definitely know more about it now. Great post!

  4. Love this quick recipe! Thanks for the additional links for more Acai bowls.

  5. Love how you included all those options on how to use Acai. I tend to lean towards using the frozen packaged berry but the power is so much easier and cost effective. Either way, I love acai bowls and looking forward to trying your Fall Inspired Bowl.

  6. 4 stars
    this was infactone of the srumptious recipe i ever had.Seriously great

  7. I made this with the frozen Acai package and Almond Milk instead of soy but my mixture came out a bit liquidy instead of thick. Is it because my banana wasn’t frozen enough? Thank You!

    • Hi Rebecca, yes very likely! Otherwise, what you can do with the next batch is slowly pour in the milk while everything else is already blending. It’s also very possible that some acai package brands contain more water than others. I hope your second round turns out better 🙂

      • Thank You so much! I tried as you suggested and poured the milk slowly and freezing my banana longer and it came out better. =)

  8. 5 stars
    I just wanted to say thanks for spreading so much goodness in the world. What you are doing goes beyond nutrition. It spreads the hope of a better tomorrow where humans do not spread suffering and live in harmony with nature and all the animals on this earth.

    I am convinced that 100 years from now, humans would look back at our time and think of us as savages destroying the planet and killing animals for food when we have so much better options for our health and the health of our planet and all the other species living peacefully on this earth.

  9. 34 grams of sugar?? Is that just natural sugar from the berries? I guess you could cut back on the maple syrup or honey also……

    • Hi Ashlea! Yep the sugar is nearly all from the fruits and berries, so it is indeed natural sugar. Yes, you could definitely cut down the bit from the syrup too – it does take the edge off any sharp tangs from the fruit, but you could try it without the syrup first and see how it goes 🙂

  10. Seems like you could mix acai powder with water and freeze it in ice cube trays. Would be much more cost effective with similar results. Anyone tried it?

  11. Could you make this the night before and leave in the fridge for breakfast the next morning?

    • Hi Katie! We’d probably say to stick with making it as you go – leaving it overnight means it will get watery from the ice. It wouldn’t be quite the same then. I hope that helps!

  12. 5 stars
    Thanks so much for posting this recipe! It’s so simple and I already had a couple of these ingredients in my home. I’ve made these bowls a couple of times already and they are just so delicious. Looking forward to trying other variations of this.

  13. 5 stars
    Thanks for sharing! I will enjoy trying several of these recipes!

  14. 5 stars
    Is the acai powder is still consider as real acai and not fake? Sorry for my question, I’m just into acai bowl really bad. I kinda feel to make it on my own and I search it on Google how. Just curious about the powder base. Just wanna make sure its healthy to use it.

    • Hi Mitch! Yes absolutely, the powder is pretty much the dry-frozen fruit with the water removed 🙂 so it’s just a very practical way to use it!

  15. 4 stars
    Looks DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. 5 stars
    I made this this morning… so delicious!!

  17. 5 stars
    Do you have any tips on freezing the mixture for meal prepping?

  18. If I use the powder and ice cubes what would you suggest as quantities of each to match the frozen puree ? Thank you, Kathleen

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