How to Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes

How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes #oats #breakfast | hurrythefoodup.comBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. But yet so many of us just press the snooze button waaaaayy too often and then hurry to work without having breakfast. Hands up if you’ve ever done that…

If your hand just went up then this How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar Tutorial is for you. But if just the slightest thought of organisation has you shaking, then sorry, you’re doomed.

Well, onto the tutorial then.

The principle is simple: you add the oats the night before you want them, some kind of milk and your favourite toppings all in one glass and put them in the fridge. The milk gets soaked up by the oats and the next morning you have a delicious ready to eat breakfast waiting for you.

I’ve prepared a flexible step-by-step instruction for you. Actually it’s so simple, even Kat and Dave’s cats would know how to make overnight oats after looking at the photos.

How to make overnight oats in a jar

Step 1: Take a glass or a bowl and add a serving of old fashioned rolled oats (basic porridge oats work a treat too). Fill the glass as much as you think you’ll be able to eat the next morning. (Tip: if you prepare the overnight oats in a sealable glass/jar then you can take it with you to work in case you still run out of time in the morning. No excuses! Pro tip: add 1 tbsp of chia seeds for some omega-3s and even more protein).

How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes #oats #breakfast |

Step 2: Now fill up the glass with liquid until the oats are well covered. Possible liquids: milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, orange juice. Whatever takes your fancy, really…

How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes #oats #breakfast |

Step 3: It’s time to add your favourite toppings. Some ideas include: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, raisins, all kinds of berries, fruits like banana, cherries, apples or pears, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nut butters, coconut flakes, greek yogurt, plain yogurt, the list goes on. If you like any of those suggestions with a little more crunch just add them in the morning.

How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes #oats #breakfast |

Step 4: Refine the overnight cereal with your favorite spices; for example cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa powder, ginger powder, gingerbread spice (perfect in winter!), all work really well.

How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes #oats #breakfast |

Step 5: Lid on top and off they hop to the fridge.

How To Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes #oats #breakfast |

And that’s how you make overnight oats in a jar. Just get them out of the fridge the next morning, add a sweetener if that’s your thing (maple or agave syrup, honey, stevia) and enjoy!

Really the easiest thing in the world, isn’t it?

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Basic Overnight Oats Recipe

An easy step by step tutorial on how to make overnight oats in a jar + 28 tasty recipes. A tasty and healthy way to have breakfast without much effort.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Vegetarian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 jar
Calories 350 kcal
Author HurryTheFoodUp


  • 1 clean jar with lid
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (1/2 cup = about half the jar)
  • 1 cup milk (eg. soy milk, almond milk)
  • 2 tbsp nuts and/or seeds
  • 1 tsp cinnamon (or other spices like cardamom or vanilla extract)
  • 1-2 tsp your favourite sweetener


  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • some slices of fruit (again, any are possible. Well, maybe not avocado. Or tomato.)
  • all sorts of fresh or frozen berries


  1. Throw everything in a jar, screw the lid on top, shake, and off it goes into the fridge. The next morning add a dash of milk, a sweetener (if you want) and enjoy 🙂

Overnight Oats in a Jar FAQ

1. How far in advance can I make them?

Depending on what ingredients you take the overnight oats stay fresh for 2-3 days. This means that you can prepare 2 or even 3 servings at once and have breakfast ready in no time for several days in a row! Niceeee.

2. How long do the oats have to soak before I can eat them?

Ideally let them sit for eight hours, but they should be fine after around four hours.

3. How do you eat them?

Have them cold right of the fridge, or throw them in the microwave for a minute or two. It’s your bag (or jar), baby!

4. What kind of glasses/jars are ideal?

Any jar, really. Just use some empty pickles jars to start off with. If you want to go the fancy pants way, get some beautiful mason jars (Amazon Link) to flash them off in the library or at work. And if you’re looking for a really cool present, then you need to check out these overnight oats jars with a recipe printed on from my blogging friend Sophia!
Any more questions? Pop them in the comments please and we’ll help however we can!

If you don’t, we do have some questions 😀

  • Do you have overnight oats for breakfast?
  • If not, what’s your everyday breakfast?
  • And finally, what’s your favourite kitchen tip? We want to know what turns a tiresome chore into a beacon of delight. Let us know in the comments below; just hit reply.

Not feeling creative?

First and foremost I’d like to recommend the cookbook OATrageous Oatmeals by my blogging friend Kathy Hester. It’s not only overnight oats, but you’ll find all sorts of recipes with oats as the star of the show. Plus, that’s one of the best cookbook names I’ve heard so far, haha 😀

But let me introduce you to 28 scrumptious and healthy overnight oats recipes as well. We’ll be bringing some of our very own faves along soon, too.

  1. Key Lime Pie Overnight Oats
  2. Pumpkin Persimmon Overnight Oats
  3. Blueberry Lemon Overnight Oats Parfait
  4. Cherry Almond Overnight Oats Parfait
  5. Banana Blueberry Overnight Oats
  6. Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats
  7. Almond Joy Overnight Oats
  8. Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats
  9. Raspberry Almond Overnight Oats
  10. Banana Bread Overnight Oats
  11. Salted Turtle Overnight Oats Chocolate Dates and Pecans
  12. Raspberry Almond Overnight Oats Recipe
  13. Tropical Overnight Oats
  14. Red White and Blue Overnight Oats
  15. Raspberry Jam Overnight Oats
  16. Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats
  17. Make Ahead Fruit Yogurt Breakfast Parfaits
  18. My Favourite Overnight Oats
  19. Recipe Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal
  20. How to Master Overnight Oats Chia Bowls
  21. Blueberry Muffin Batter Overnight Oats
  22. Healthy Breakfast Ideas Overnight Oats
  23. Vegan Overnight Oats
  24. Healthy Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Oats
  25. Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats
  26. Cinnamon Date Overnight Oats
  27. Superfood Overnight Oats
  28. Cinnamon Roll Spice Oatmeal

Before you go check out a similarly practical idea for lunch: we created a really thorough guide on How to Pack a Salad in a Jar. Enjoy!

Still lacking inspiration? Check out the 30 Day Healthy Veggie Challenge!


  1. I love overnight oats and make them all the time! Have you seen the jar I created and sell on my site that makes for quick and easy overnight oats? It’s been a huge hit!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in this round-up! I love overnight oats, probably my most favorite breakfast ever, so I can’t wait to try some (or all of these)!

    • Of course! 🙂
      hahaha, well I’m definitely also a muesli/oats/oatmeal fan. Since I stopped eating bacon, English breakfast isn’t as much fun anymore as it was before anyway.

  3. I was an overnight oats kick for a long long time several months ago. Need to get back that so breakfast is waiting for me in the morning. Some delicious sounding recipes here!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped breakfast – lunch maybe – but never breakfast – I adore all breakfast foods so much! And one of those breakfast foods I adore are overnight oats! Love the tip to add in chia – I always forget to do that!

  5. Scrambled egg and sausage (the precooked, frozen kind).

  6. What an amazing idea for the oats lover; my mom will love it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing so many options 🙂

  7. Wow, Howie this tutorial is really awesome!! So helpful. I have never actually made mine like this because I always like to rinse the slime off of the oats in the morning after soaking all night, haha. But this is a great tutorial. Thank you so much for including my Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal recipe!

  8. I love your step by step instructions! Can you believe that I’ve only made overnight oats once? So sad! all those recipes are such great inspiration. Making some tonight to enjoy tomorrow 🙂

  9. Alright I have no good excuse. You make it look so easy, easier than chopping a cantaloupe, which is what I’ve been having for breakfast lately. I love step 5, makes me think of bunnies…and breakfast 🙂 I’d definitely throw in the chia seeds, love those little guys! And all the flavors, #11 is sounding especially amazing. Heck I could start it in the morning and have it for dessert! Great post Howie 🙂

  10. Great step by step instructions and photos. So simple and convenient. Thanks for the list of other recipes too.

  11. I love overnight oats and eat them at least 2 or 3 times a week. They are just perfect for grab and go breakfasts and keep you full for ages. I often take them to work with me for lunch too. Making them in mason jars makes them so easily transportable and perfect for eating at your desk. My favourite flavour combination is coffee and chocolate!

  12. Never heard of overnight oats before. Tried them this morning, and they were great. I like mine hot, so just 45 seconds in the micro. And just in time for the cold weather. Much thanks.

  13. Great step by step tutorial. Overnight oats are one of my favorite breakfast choices. Thanks for all of the inspiration. 🙂

  14. I think I like warm oatmeal better than the overnight variety. But sometimes when it’s really hot, cold is nice too. I don’t really understand the obsession with the jars though. I feel like it is soo trendy to put all of your food in a jar, why? I guess it’s easy to transport, but there is also tupperware.

    • Hahaha, good point you have there! I guess it’s really more of a trend. Personally, I got those glasses for a couple of cents. I don’t think I’d get good quality tupperware for that price. I guess it would be possible to chuck them in the microwave, but i see your point, in that case the good old porridge would be the way to go! 🙂

      • Can you use Greek yogurt for the oats instead of milk

        • Hi Andrea,
          yep, that’s possible! But make sure you stir or shake everything well. Also, the next morning you probably have to add some water or milk to “loosen it up” a little 🙂

      • Using glass jars is also better for the environment. Plastic wont disintigrate basically ever.. jars an serve another purpose if not for food. and def cheaper. Grab em at a thrift store.
        Amazing recipes BTW– Cant wait to try some
        Its almst fall, makes me wanna exiriment w sweet potato and maple..hmmm gotta go 🙂

  15. I will admit that breakfast is not my most favourite meal. Makes it easier for my morning workout if I do eat. Oatmeal is such a great food source….and overnight oatmeal is the best. I don’t have to think about it in the morning…just open the fridge..grab and eat! AWESOME!!

    • exactly!! 😀
      Interesting, what kind of sports do you make in the mornings? For me it’s super hard to get me motivated to do anything sportive at that time of the day.

      • Hi, I’m sooo late, but I love oatmeal & all things good. In fact I have a brick oven I bake all my own breads, using ancient grains (modern gmo wheat contains toxic gluten) I fresh grind my grains & generally use starter instead of yeast. This is perfect for me. Does it heat up nicely, I love my oats warm. I hate sweets so I would have to adjust some recipes, not too much work, right?
        Thanks for your effort, great tutorial. I’m glad I discovered your site, love ❤️ it!

        • Hi there!
          Wow that sounds really awesome about the brick oven and using ancient grains only. I’m at my parents house on their farm now, I feel things are back to the roots as well here. Good feeling. Yes, I would say all recipes listed in this post work without the sweeteners. No problem there 🙂

  16. I am so not a breakfast person, but, I love having 28 jars of inspiration. I think I will add some extra macadamia nuts.

  17. I was just looking for recipes for overnight oats. I would like to try them but haven’t made the jump yet….My only concern is the texture. Are they super chewy?

  18. Overnight Oats are like my favourite thing in the world to make for breakfast! Just love how versatile they are, the flavour combinations are endless! Great tutorial and flavour ideas!

  19. I’ve always loved oats but just recently discovered the delicious goodness that are overnight oats! And how neat to put them in a jar so I can take it to the office and have breakfast there if I’m ina hurry. Thanks for the many recipes! 🙂

  20. Orange juice?! You’re crazy 😉 But i like it!
    Recently i haven’t been having too many issues with getting my breakfast in in the morning, but as soon as winter hits I know i’m going to be hitting that snooze button way too much. I will definitely be turning to these babies for my breakfast! Have a great weekend guys!

    • Hahhaa, well it works! I’ve seen some people do it. I personally prefer some kind of milk 🙂
      I stopped hitting the snooze button recently. But only because I finally gave up thinking I get up earlier than really necessary

  21. I simply love overnight oats! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  22. I have been wanting to try overnight oats here. I think you have me convinced!

  23. I’ve never made overnight oats but I should consider doing:) Great tips!

  24. Damn overnight oats and their easiness. I wish I could eat oats.

  25. I really love the convenience of overnight oats, the flavor combos are endless.

  26. Love overnight oats in jar and your post looks so easy too 🙂

  27. I’ve been interested in getting into the overnight oats game. It certainly beats preparing them in the morning or going the instant route. Love these tips and recipes!

  28. I just discovered overnight outs earlier this Summer, this is a great resource for me, thanks for sharing, pinning!

  29. This is such a genius idea and I really need to start implementing it to make my mornings go smoother! It is my first year having kids in school and I always feel behind!

  30. Ohhhhh, THIS is what overnight oats are! I actually never heard of it before. I’m making this to have for breakfast for my busy mornings! Friggen brilliant.

  31. What a great time saver! I have never tried this before, but I will now 🙂

    One of my favourite time savers is to cut up a few pineapples into bite size pieces and put them in the same type of jars as the overnight oats. I love having the fridge full of grap and go snacks. I think this type of prep is life changing because if you are surrounded by healhty grab and go snacks it will keep you away from junk food.

  32. Right, this is absolutely brill but I just cannot stomach cold breakfast like that. Howie, please,please put some recipes together that can be microwaved in the morning! X

    • Hi Ala!!
      Sounds like a good idea, will think of something.
      Btw, this morning I felt the same and decided to just fill the oats in a bowl and microwaved them. Easy 😀

  33. Oh wow! Thank you SO much for mentioning my jars! I totally appreciate your support!

  34. a friend of mine told me about overnight oats and I was instantly intrigued. I am wondering about something and I hate to sound weird but, are people eating this straight out of the refrigerator or are they warming it up once they get to the office?

    • Both!! 😀
      I eat them straight out of the fridge. But sometimes I fill the overnight oats in a bowl and heat them for a minute or two in the microwave 🙂

    • Yes I’m with you about eating it cold. Oatmeal has always been eaten hot in my family. Not sure if i could even tempt to eat it COLD. But guess i won’t know if I don’t try it : )

  35. Can You put protien powder in this recipie? If you can- what stage? Thanks! Made overnight oats for my husband and he loved them <3

    • Excellent question! Didn’t think of adding protein powder to my overnight oats yet, but that deffo makes sense. I would add the powder just with the other ingredients. Then I would add enough liquid (eg. milk) screw the lid on and shake that glass for a couple of seconds to make sure I don’t get any lumps. Hope it works out! 🙂

  36. Thanks for the recipe ideas.
    My favourite is to add 0% fat flavoured yoghurt (my favourites are the banana custard and toffee Müller lights) and chopped banana.

  37. Love this kind of breakfast… thank you for amazing delicious recipes here…
    Good reason to start a wonderful day with a big smile and be happy all day

  38. Just had my first jar of overnight oats. And I loved it. I wonder why did I not figure it out earlier. This is so simple and perfect for my busy schedule. Thank you. 🙂

  39. How does this work with frozen fruit? Does it thaw by morning, or do I need to thaw it first?

  40. how would steel cut oats work with this? Should I let it sit longer?

  41. Why can’t we add avocado in the jar of overnight oats?

  42. Hi! Can I use water instead of milk?

  43. Are we talking about Quick oats here, or rolled oats? Or maybe it doesn’t matter?

  44. Hi, I just started looking up at overnight oats and ur recipe sounds simple and yum, definitely going to try it soon. A question though, does it have to go into the fridge overnight? Doesn’t keeping it outside but cool work?

    • Hi Sadh!
      Coolio, hope you like them. Yes, keeping them outside the fridge for one night would also work, but of course they are not likely to stay fresh for for three or more days.

      Best regards!

  45. I really want to do this right now this second but it’s 3 in the morning o.o guess i’ll have to wait another day. Instead of milk, could you add chocolate flavoured oatmilk? Or is it to much with oatmilk on the oats?

    • Hi Hanna! I think the oats will be “soggy” enough if you’d eat them at 8am. Yes, chocolate flavoured oatmilk would work just fine. I see your point: oats + oatmilk sounds too much. I tried it a couple of times and I think it’s tasty 🙂

      • Thank you for the answer 🙂 i made a batch of oats, chocolate oatmilk and some Nutella about 4 hours ago and i tried a little of it just now and it tastes a bit like chocolate and oat balls mixure (it is very popular in Sweden where i live) and i absolute love it! Can’t wait to eat it tomorrow morning before school 🙂 thank you so much for the recipe! 🙂

        • You’re welcome, Hanna!
          I usually add some more liquid before eating them, especially if the mixture is too thick. Nutella is a smart idea, I like 😀

  46. Hi , Can I use precooked oats? ( Oats that can be prepared in three minutos?

  47. How much exactly is 0.6 cups? Google actually did not have an outright answer. Lol

    • Hi Felicia!
      Oh, sorry about that. 0.6 cups is about 2/3 of a cup. Depending on how much appetite you have in the mornings, half a cup of oats might actually be better. Especially for females who tend to eat less then the guys 🙂

      • Thanks so much! Purchased my jars yesterday and can’t wait to start tonight!

        • Hahaaa!! Awesome, Felicia!
          I’m experimenting with overnight quinoa at the moment and I like it a lot I have to admit 😀
          Have fun trying out all the different recipes

  48. We cannot eat with a spoon at our desks in work can this be blitzed to be a drink rather… do you have any recipe ideas?

    • Hi Julie!
      Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Yep this definitely works as a smoothie kind of drink as well, but I’m 100% you need to use more liquid than indicated in the basic recipe 🙂

  49. Can you make several in advance and freeze them (and maybe thaw in the fridge the night before)?

    • Hmm, interesting idea! I’m not sure how they would taste after they’ve been frozen to be honest. There’s only one way to find out I’t say 😉

  50. Is there a reason why we put the fruit in the night before instead of having them freshly included the morning after?

  51. I do the basics…porridge and I use coconut milk or almond milk not so greasy and suprisingly nice in the porridge. In the morning I blitz it in my processor (no names mentioned) with random fruit, or frozen fruit, milled linseed, kale if it’s still fresh or spinach, maple syrup or agave and more milk so it’s thin enough to go through a thick shake straw, then some Chia seeds after its blitzed cause they don’t have to be cracked. And it’s like those expensive yogurt drinks you buy that are full of preservatives but fresh…

    • How cool is that idea Julie? It almost sounds like I should dedicate a whole recipe based on these directions. I’ll think about something, if find the time and you don’t mind 😀

  52. Louise Mackenzie

    Hi there I may missed anothoer comment on this but just wondered roughly what the calorie value would be…just on average thanks

    • Hi Louise! Ha that’s a funny coincedence. I just checked it myself:
      Roughly estimated nutrition per serving for a 2/3 filled jar: 350 kcal, 10g fat, 60g carbs, 15g protein
      To reach those numbers I filled my glass with the following:
      1/2 cup oats
      1 cup soy milk
      2 tbsp chopped nuts
      1/4 cup fruit or berries
      Half a tbsp maple syrup or other sweetener

      Hope that helps 🙂

  53. Can you use frozen fruits in this recipe? We run a Bed & Breakfast in Newfoundland, Canada and it’s 1.5 hrs to the closest store with any type of good fresh fruits or produce (seriously, I’m not exaggerating). I can buy all type of frozen berries, mangos, peaches etc, but have a heck of a time finding fresh. I’d LOVE to serve this as a breakfast option since we’re in a National Park where hiking is the number 1 activity for tourists. Also, if I doubled the quantity would I have to adjust any of the ingredients? Thanks for any feedback,,, this recipe sounds amazing and can’t wait to try it for MY breakfast.

    • Wow, 1.5 hours is a lot! I just went over to trip advisor, such a cool place you have 😀
      Yes, frozen fruits work absolutley fine, berries especially. I never tried frozen mango, but I can imagine it’ll taste sublime.
      Yes, for bigger servings I’d just multiply all ingredients, no exceptions. Hopefully they’ll be a success at your BnB!
      Best regards,

  54. This does seem so easy. I must try it because it’s perfectly healthy and I bet it’s tasty as well. A really good idea 🙂

    Alina | DIY home blogger UK

  55. hi! can i not put the jar in the fridge overnight??

  56. Greeting from Indonesia.Thank you for lots of variations to prepare overnight oats.Berries don’t grow in tropical climate.Can I use tropical fruits like pineapple?

    • Absolutely Ariana! But with pineapple you need to watch out! In combination with cow milk it turns bitter after a couple of minutes.
      Either try vegan milk or pick a different tropical fruit. Ooor just add pineapple right before eating 🙂

  57. Last time i tried overnight oats i didn’t like the texture. But I’m inspired to try again! At the very least, it may reduce the cooking time in the morning. Also a great way to use frozen fruit. I also have a hard time getting my daughter to eat in the morning, but she might like this without the added morning cooking (and cooling) time. Thanks!

  58. Cool recipe! Do you mix it all together before putting it in the refrigerator? Or do you mix it in the morning when it’s ready?

    • Hi Dennis! Actually, it depends on the ingredients. If I add chia seeds, I make sure to mix it as soon as I added the milk, because they loooove sticking everywhere. So, a good mix will make sure you won’t end up with a knob of chia seeds at the bottom of your glass in the morning 😉

  59. I love overnight oats and I make them for my step-mom sometimes when she had early mornings. Though, she found that they had a little “bit” to them. So, her being a textual person, I’d pour over boiling water and cover for 5-10 minutes. Then prepare as regular – still using milk (any varient), but you probably won’t need as much.
    When you make them, testing them to make sure the flavor’s on point, it’s hard not to eat the whole thing.
    Good Mix: about 1/3 C milk, as much cinnamon as desired, about 1/2 – 1 T brown sugar, and any kind of fruit (berries pair very well with this).

    • Wow, awesome tip Crystal! My mom used to make them like that and it’s definitely a cool way to have oats like that. Now that you mention it I might have to give it a go right now, hahah

  60. Love overnight oats! They have been my go to breakfast for a couple of years now. I, however, use equal parts oats, yoghurt and a smattering of anything fruity or crunchy that I have on hand that weeks. The oats take the liquid outs of the yoghurt and makes it super creamy. I make three or four and a time, put them in my work fridge and voila – winning at life!

  61. Really amazing! these many types of oats recipes are there,Surely I can prepare it to reduce my weight. I am really shocking because i know only two type of recipe that also very bore to eat repeatedly. Thank you very much your post.

  62. What a fantastic list of great recipes! So bookmark worthy. Thank you so much 🙂

  63. I have steel-cut oats, not rolled oats, so I don’t know how this will affect overnight oats. Another recipe of yours, Cottage Cheese Pancakes, worked with steel-cut oats, after I ground the oats in a blender so it looked like flour, before mixing with the other ingredients.
    My steel-cut oat container from Whole Foods gives a number of ways of preparing them, including regular stove top, crockpot, and overnight, but I only used the stove top so far. Their overnight instructions say that boiling the liquid first before mixing and putting in the fridge reduces cooking time but doesn’t eliminate it in the morning, although it says to use low heat the next morning, I am wondering if the instructions for heating the next morning are only if you want to eat it warm instead of cold.

    • Hi Susan! Thanks for trying out the Cottage Cheese Pancakes 😀
      I hope they turned out good!
      Yes, you can also use steel cut oats for overnight oats, but they might be a bit more chewy than rolled oats. A trick to make them softer is to leave the overnight oats jar outside a fridge for a couple of hours. Room temperature makes them go softer more quickly.

  64. This may be a weird question, but can I use oatmeal packets to make this recipe? I have a lot of them on hand, but I don’t like to “cook” first thing in the morning….

    • Hi Dagmar!
      Yep those packets would also work well 🙂

      • I am guessing that I wouldn’t need to season them, as they are mostly flavored packets, but how many packets will I need to make the overnight oatmeal? One? Two? I’m sorry if I seem a little frazzled, but I cannot afford to waste anything right now.

        • If they’re already pre-seasoned then you don’t. Luckily nothing is lost, if it doesn’t taste “just right” the next morning. You can always add cinnamon, a different spice or a sweetener when eating the overnight oats 🙂

  65. Hi, I love all of your recipes for overnight oats but a couple of them are going to the wrong page. I clicked on Superfood Overnight Oats and Cinnamon Roll Spice Oatmeal and those links actually pull up the apple cinnamon oatmeal page instead. I then typed in the name of those oatmeal recipes and your page said the page was gone so I was hoping to see if those could be added again. Thanks for your help!! I can’t wait to make these for myself and my son for in the mornings.

    • Autumn, thanks a ton for the heads up!! Strange that I didn’t notice that mistake before. It’s fixed, the links lead to the correct pages now. I’m going to prepare myself some overnight oats for the work week too 🙂

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