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Vegan Noatmeal Recipe (Fruity Quinoa Porridge)

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What is noatmeal? Noatmeal is a high protein oatmeal recipe alternative, made without oats. This noatmeal recipe has a base of quinoa, hemp seeds, chia seeds.

Fruity quinoa porridge is served in the bowl with pieces of peach and raspberries. There is a bowl with raspberries behind it | Hurry The Food Up

This oat-free oatmeal recipe is the perfect alternative to traditional oatmeal, for anyone who wants a warming bowl of deliciousness in the morning, but would also like to up their protein intake at breakfast (and if you like this, check out our other protein powder free high protein breakfast recipes).

Regular oatmeal is a very healthy and easy breakfast, don’t get me wrong! I love all our oatmeal recipes from our blueberry cheesecake overnight oats to our awesome mocha oatmeal recipe.

But we thought it would be a good idea to find a high protein vegan breakfast that didn’t involve oats – just to shake things up a bit!

It’s fun to check out oatmeal alternatives – they might have some benefits you are looking for!

By replacing oats with quinoa and a mix of seeds, you get a lot more protein. A high protein breakfast that is full of flavor? And it’s a vegan breakfast recipe too? Yes please!



Quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse, a real super food. It is a complete protein – something hard to find in plant-based sources – and it is also high in fiber, folate and magnesium.

It provides the main base of this oatmeal.

Check out our blueberry quinoa porridge, if you like the sound of a quinoa-based (n)oatmeal.

Flax seeds

Flaxseeds are also a source of protein, as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

They add a mild nutty flavor which really enriches the meal! You could swap flaxseeds out for ground flaxseed meal, if that’s all you can find, but you will lose some of the texture.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are another awesome crop. They are from the same plant that cannabis comes from, but have no THC or CBD.

Rather, they are, along with quinoa, a great plant based source of complete protein, as well as fatty acids.

What’s more, hemp is an extremely environmentally sustainable crop and can be used to make so many things, from insulation, to paper to a bowl of (n)oatmeal!

However, they are very expensive, so you can always replace them with more flax seeds if that is more in your budget.

Chia Seeds

I love chia seeds! They are such a good option to add to a healthy breakfast. High in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and so many antioxidants and essential minerals, you can’t go wrong by adding a handful to any breakfast dish.

Soy Milk

This can be replaced with the milk of your choice! We chose soy because it is the most high protein vegan milk alternative, but hemp milk, oat milk or coconut milk also work.


Nectarine adds natural sweetness and all the benefits of fruit to your breakfast. You can easily swap them out for peaches, if that is all you have to hand, or indeed any fruit that is in season.


Raspberries add some more fresh fruit and another kick of flavour to your breakfast.

They are a good source of potassium and manganese, which help lower blood pressure and keep your skin and bones healthy, respectively.

Fruity quinoa porridge ingredients like quinoa, flaxseed, hemp seeds, chia seed, soy milk, peach, raspberries | Hurry The Food Up

How many calories are in noatmeal?

This vegan noatmeal recipe contains 418 calories per serving. It contains 19g protein per serving.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the nutritional info:

kcal 418kcal

Carbs 51g

Fat 16g

This dish is also 100% gluten-free.

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Health benefits of Noatmeal

This noatmeal recipe has numerous health benefits. Most importantly it is high in protein, which is a vital part of any diet.

You need protein for the proper functioning of your body as proteins are the building blocks of cells.

This recipe has 19g of protein per serving and 51g net carbs.

The amount of protein you need per day varies according to weight, height and lifestyle, however a rough average is that you need 0.8g per kilo of body weight.

This is a very solid amount of protein by those standards!

The seeds and grains all contain lots of healthy fatty acids.

The omega 3 fatty acids provided by ingredients such as flax seeds and chia seeds are an essential fatty acid that your body can’t produce by itself, so you need to get it from food.

These fatty acids help build the hormones that regulate blood clotting and help your arteries function. Consuming enough omega 3 has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

If you are trying to lose weight, this is a great breakfast because it is not only high in protein but also in fibre, two macros that most contribute to making your body feel full.

At 420kcal, it is the perfect breakfast to keep you going until lunch time. For more weight loss inspiration, check out our Free 7-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan.

How to make the best vegan noatmeal

Time needed: 18 minutes.

Follow a few simple steps to have the most delicious breakfast quinoa porridge on your table!

  1. Prep:

    Add the quinoa, flaxseed, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sugar, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, soy milk and water to a small saucepan.A pot with quinoa porridge on the cooker | Hurry The Food Up

  2. Cook:

    Cook on a medium heat until the quinoa is cooked through and you have a porridge-like consistency.

  3. Top:

    Slice the nectarine.

  4. Serve:

    Top with sliced nectarine, raspberries and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Can I make this ahead?

Yes! You can make it ahead and store it in the fridge for 2-3 days. I wouldn’t recommend prepping the fruit ahead of time, as it will turn brown and get soggy.

Prep the quinoa porridge, and slice the nectarines and use fresh berries on the day! Overall, this is a great recipe for meal prep.

How do I store and reheat?

Keep it in a tupperware in the fridge and pop it in the microwave or back in a saucepan when you want to reheat.

What to serve with vegan noatmeal?

Try it with different selections of fruit on top! Maybe sliced banana and peanut butter, or fresh strawberries and blueberries?

What is noatmeal made of?

Usually grains, nuts and seeds. Essentially, noatmeal is oatmeal made without oats, so as long as the main ingredient isn’t oats, you’re good to go!

Popular ingredients include quinoa, chia seeds, flax seeds, flax meal, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds.
For sweetener, any low carb type of sweetener works, such as monk fruit or stevia.

How do you make noatmeal?

There are many different ways to make noatmeal. You can choose any combination of nuts, seeds, grains and sweetener that you fancy/have to hand.

Once you have chosen your base, you can mix your ingredients whole with milk, or you can pop the dry ingredients in a food processor for a smoother low carb oatmeal alternative.

Fruity quinoa porridge is served  in the bowl with pieces of peach and raspberries. There is a bowl with raspberries and spoon next to it | Hurry The Food Up

Vegan Noatmeal Recipe Variations and Alternatives

You could use a different combination of ingredients and or spices to make this quinoa oatmeal.

You could add almond flour, nut butter or desiccated coconut. You could also ditch the quinoa and just use a base of hemp hearts, chia seeds and flax seeds.

If you need keto noatmeal, I would particularly recommend leaving out the quinoa, as it ups the carb content.

Bird's-eye view of fruity quinoa porridge that is served in the bowl with pieces of peach and raspberries. There are a bowl with raspberries and a spoon next to it  | Hurry The Food Up

More oatmeal alternative recipes

For another alternative to oats, why not try our bulgur wheat porridge with sweet rhubarb or our quinoa breakfast porridge with blueberry?

Or if you want oats in a different form, try this baked oatmeal recipe.

Vegan Noatmeal Recipe (Fruity Quinoa Porridge)
5 from 4 votes
After a high-protein alternative to traditional oatmeal? This vegan noatmeal recipe has 19g protein serving! Try it now!
Diet: dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, vegan
Prep Time:3 minutes
Cook Time:15 minutes
Total Time:18 minutes
Servings:2 servings
Author: Abril Macías
YouTube video



  • In a medium sized pot add the quinoa, flaxseed, hemp seeds, tbsp chia seeds, sugar, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, soy milk and water. Mix and cook over medium heat until the quinoa is cooked and you have a porridge-like or oatmeal consistency, about 12-15 minutes. If your quinoa absorbs too much liquid, add a little extra water or milk by the end.
    ½ cup quinoa, 1.5 tbsp flax seeds, 1.5 tbsp hemp seeds, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1.5 cup soy milk, ½ cup water
    A pot with quinoa porridge on the cooker | Hurry The Food Up
  • Slice nectarine.
    1 nectarine or peach
  • To serve, plate the notameal on two bowls. Top with nectarines, raspberries and drizzle with maple syrup per taste.
    ½ cup raspberries, Maple syrup
    Fruity quinoa porridge is in the bowl served with pieces of peach and raspberries on the light surface. There is a bowl with raspberries and spoon next to it | Hurry The Food Up


Make-ahead? Yes, this one can easily be made the night before!
Looking for more recipes like this?


Nutrition Facts
Vegan Noatmeal Recipe (Fruity Quinoa Porridge)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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We hope you enjoy trying this vegan noatmeal recipe!


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