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11 Easy and Quick High-Protein Egg Snack Recipes

Whether fried or boiled, poached or scrambled (or something else entirely), this pantry staple never fails to deliver and these egg snack recipes are here to prove that!

Easy and Quick High-Protein Egg Snack Recipes | Hurry The Food Up

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Snacks are probably one of the last meals people take their time out to plan for, speaking from experience.

When I was younger I thought it was outrageous whenever anyone would bring that up. I mean, what’s there to think about, just stuff your face in a bag of chips or treats to silence those belly growls, right?
Well wrong actually.

Just like any other food you have, snacks are not only important to help get rid of hunger but they also have to provide you with the right nutrients to keep you healthy.

And sure, they might be yum but chips or treats don’t have the best track record of doing that for you.
This is exactly why homemade snacks rule and this compilation has the best egg snacks of all time!

Short prep time, quick to throw together and best of all, no fancy ingredients. The leading star of this show is everyone’s favourite pantry staple, the humble egg.

11 savory and easy egg recipes for snacks

Eggs might not always get the best rep in terms of nutritional value.

Folks tried to cancel the food when they found out yolks are high in cholesterol. Turns out, experts say eggs doesn’t affect blood cholesterol levels the way other foods do.

Sweet vindication at long last!

Truth is, they’re safe to consume for most folks and they make some pretty darn delicious meals too.

In fact, several pointers indicate that eggs are good for weight loss which is just another bonus to the numerous health benefits they provide.

So, you see, these egg snacks aren’t just tasty additions to your menu, they’re super healthy and high in protein too.

But, don’t just stop there. Have a look at some of my favorite vegetarian high protein recipes ranging from options for breakfast to dinner for more ways to enjoy them all day long.

While we’re on the topic of eggs, follow our best tips on storing your eggs in this article on how long will your eggs last in the fridge!

Now, without any further ado, have a look at these healthy egg recipes that would make great snacks.
Let’s get cracking!

1. Scrambled Egg on Avocado Toast

Check out the recipe here
5 from 2 votes
Protein: 18g
Calories: 334kcal
Ready in:8 minutes
Recipe by: Hauke

Bonus: if you’d like a buttery crust, consider searing the slices of bread lightly on a pan with some butter on medium heat instead

Our take on the tried and true combo of egg on Avocado Toast. It’s high-protein and delicious with just a hint of spice!

2. Low Carb Breakfast Egg Muffins

Check out the recipe here
4.60 from 146 votes
Protein: 17g
Calories: 219kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: you can use any color of bell pepper you please

Looking for a high-protein, low-carb breakfast? Try these breakfast egg muffins – 1 recipe, 4 amazing flavours!

3. Avocado Deviled Eggs

Check out the recipe here
5 from 4 votes
Protein: 6g
Calories: 107kcal
Ready in:17 minutes
Recipe by: Abril Macías

Bonus: top with some fresh herbs and paprika

How do you want your deviled eggs? Check out our stuffed deviled egg recipe – complete with special taste boosters.

4. Asian-Style Easy Egg Muffins

Check out the recipe here
4.89 from 27 votes
Protein: 25g
Calories: 359kcal
Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp
Bonus: add some sweet chilli sauce to elevate this

These Asian-Style Easy Egg Muffins are beautifully different. The carrot and ginger are a fresh and zippy combo. The soy sauce rounds it all up! Enjoy.

5. Great British Eggy Bread

Check out the recipe here
4.28 from 11 votes
Protein: 21g
Calories: 367kcal
Ready in:10 minutes

Bonus: use your favourite kind of milk in this recipe

A Quick Eggy Bread Recipe. Simple but satisfying, and so very tasty. Ready in just a few minutes – why wait longer for a delicious and healthy breakfast?

6. Smoked Tofu Breakfast Egg Muffins

Check out the recipe here
4.82 from 54 votes
Protein: 22g
Calories: 298kcal
Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp
Bonus: can’t find smoked tofu? Try making some at home!

Boasting 22 grams of protein per serving and a taste like the beautiful French pizzas known as Tarte Flambee. You gotta try our High Protein Smoked Tofu Breakfast Egg Muffins!

7. Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

Check out the recipe here
4.64 from 110 votes
Protein: 22g
Calories: 327kcal
Ready in:5 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: squish the eggs between two slices of bread to make this tasty snack an egg salad sandwich

A high-protein and delicous combination you will love – cheesy scrambled eggs! A simple and quick recipe to fuel your day.

8. Soy Sauce Eggs (Shoyu Tamago)

Check out the recipe here
5 from 3 votes
Protein: 13g
Calories: 186kcal
Ready in:10 minutes
Recipe by: Abril Macías

Bonus: top the egg yolk with a dash of black pepper and enjoy with some ramen

More high-quality protein and flavour? Check. These flavourful soy sauce eggs with jammy yolks are beyond addictive!

9. Fluffy Quinoa Egg Muffins

Check out the recipe here
4.95 from 17 votes
Protein: 14g
Calories: 308kcal
Ready in:20 minutes
Recipe by: Dave

Bonus: high-protein and weight loss friendly, a perfect snack for gym-goers

These quinoa egg muffins are incredibly high in protein – and super-quick, too! Perfect any time of the day.

10. Egg on Avocado Toast

Check out the recipe here
4.89 from 9 votes
Protein: 12g
Calories: 271kcal
Ready in:8 minutes
Recipe by: Hauke

Bonus: instead of sriracha, you can use your favourite spicy sauce

Our take on the tried and true combo of egg on Avocado Toast. It’s high-protein and delicious with just a hint of spice!

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Prep Time:3 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes
Total Time:8 minutes
Servings:1 servings
Author: Dave



  • Fry an egg in a pan on medium heat with olive oil. Stick the bread in the toaster.
    1 egg, ½ tsp olive oil, 1 slice wholegrain bread
  • Meanwhile mash your avocado with hummus, add salt and pepper, sprinkle in some lemon.
    ¼ avocado, 1 tsp lemon juice, Salt and pepper to taste, 2 tbsp hummus
  • Now put an egg onto the toast.
  • Add a little bit of Sriracha (or your favorite spicy sauce) and munch.
    The avocado toast is on the plate on a table with salt, pepper, eggs and Sriracha in the jar #lemon #olive oil |


Add a little more oil to the pan and toast your bread next to the egg. A few more calories, ok. But it tastes nice 🙂
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Nutrition Facts
11 Easy and Quick High-Protein Egg Snack Recipes
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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11. Italian-Style Egg Muffins

Check out the recipe here
4.79 from 23 votes
Protein: 19g
Calories: 228kcal
Ready in:30 minutes

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: throw in some oregano, cilantro or tarragon or thyme if you can’t find basil

Fresh basil, salty feta, tangy sun-dried tomatoes and sweet cherry tomatoes: that’s the beautiful combo that gives these breakfast egg muffins the name ‘Italian Style’.


How do you eat eggs as a snack?

There are multiple ways you can have eggs as a snack. Some of them include:

– having hard boiled eggs with a slice of cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in a sandwich
– scrambling the eggs and throwing it in a tortilla for a burrito
– basting them and serving them on crispy toast
– making an omelet and snugging it within two buns for a burger
– if you’ve got time on your hands, try making a batch of egg rolls you can enjoy all week long

Is snacking on eggs healthy?

Snacking on eggs is super healthy and an incredible way to incorporate more protein tino your diet.

There are also many health benefits of consuming eggs including raising your good cholesterol levels, providing a host of essential nutrients and antioxidants for eye health.

Wouldn’t want to miss out on all those now, would you? Try out any of the egg snack recipes above to make sure you don’t!

One thing to note – if you have (or have a high risk of) diabetes or cardiovascular disease then current advice is no more than one egg a day.

What is the healthiest way to eat an egg?

Sometimes the healthiest methods are the easiest, and that’s just the case in this situation. Amongst all these methods for cooking eggs, boiling eggs is a great way to have an egg. Poaching eggs is also a pretty good option as well.

Just make sure you are putting them on some kind of heat as cooking eggs makes them more digestible, but not too much heat and not for long periods as it strips them of their nutrients.

What goes with boiled eggs for snack?

Loads of other condiments go well with boiled eggs for snacks. Some of them are:

– some cheese, mayo and buns
– toast with lettuce and tomatoes
– fresh wholegrain bread, ginger garlic paste, tomatoes and veggies
– bread, creamy avocado, mayo, tomato slices, lettuce and bread

There’s no single recipe to making great snacks with hard-boiled eggs (soaked in soy sauce after cooking is lush too). Gather what you think would work best and give it a go!

Is boiled eggs a good snack?

Boiled eggs make a pretty good snack on their own. You can combine them with any of the ingredients I mentioned above or try to recreate any of the recipes listed above for an eggscelent snack time!


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