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50 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes – High-protein AND Low-fat

50 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes - High-protein AND Low-fat | Hurry The Food Up

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Eating vegetarian is definitely good for you (we’re sure!), but it’s not always easy to find healthy vegetarian recipes.

Sometimes the only vegetarian options are mac & cheese or a veggie burger on a big bun.

And while comfort food doesn’t hurt every once in a while, it should definitely be balanced out with some healthy vegetarian meals!

That’s where we come in with this fabulous compilation that covers everything from healthy vegetarian breakfast ideas, to healthy vegetarian dinner ideas (and if you need more, we’ve got healthy vegetarian lunch ideas for weight loss over here!).

You’ll find some HurryTheFoodUp classics like our breakfast egg muffins and black bean soup, plus some exciting new recipes for easy healthy vegetarian meals.

We’ve also included lots of healthy vegan recipes in here!

What makes a recipe healthy?

While I’m sure you all have some instincts about what constitutes a healthy vegetarian recipe, we have some more concrete info for you.

In fact, we got our nutritionist, James, to set up a list of requirements for us, so this isn’t all conjecture and guess work!

It’s important to look for meals and recipes that are balanced and nutritious.

This isn’t a weight loss recipe list, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go check out our list of vegetarian weight loss recipes!

If you’re just looking for a healthy vegetarian recipe, here’s what James says we should look out for.

How can I find healthy vegetarian recipes myself?

  • At least 10g of protein per recipe (because protein contributes to muscle maintenance and keeps you full)
  • Less than 25g of fat, less than 8g of saturated fat (because some fat is good but not too much)
  • You should include whole-grain carbohydrates, like brown rice, pasta, buckwheat, or quinoa, or starchy vegetables, like sweet potatoes, or potatoes (so that you’re getting lots of nutrients with your carbs)
  • Aim for non-starchy veggies along with the starchy ones above. The starchy ones give you the calories from carbohydrates and non-starchy ones (think courgettes, peppers, or broccoli) contain lots of other healthy nutrients.

So, you can follow these guidelines when you’re looking at other recipes so that you can find healthy vegetarian recipes all on your own (why not start with these healthy high calorie vegetarian meals?).

Or better yet, you can keep scrolling to read this list of healthy vegetarian meals that we’ve made based on his suggestions (if you like these, you should also check out our 79 best veggie meals that please everyone!)!

Coming up are our very best balanced vegetarian meals and nutritious vegetarian recipes.


1. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Check out the recipe here
4.75 from 122 votes
Protein: 26g
Calories: 367kcal
Ready in:12 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: a classic with extra protein
441 calories per serving

34g of natural protein. Just three ingredients: Cottage cheese, eggs, and oats (a simple cottage cheese afternoon snack can’t be beat!). 12 minutes from start to finish. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Baked Eggs in Spinach & Tomato

Check out the recipe here
4.83 from 17 votes
Protein: 23g
Calories: 422kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: savory and delicious
416 calories per serving

Baked Eggs in Spinach and Tomato. A delicious breakfast to help combat hangovers by replenishing the most important nutrients and amino acids. Easy to make and very tasty. You know you wanna.

3. Mango Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Ready in: 6 minutes
Recipe by: FitMealIdeas
Bonus: so much protein for a smoothie!
253 calories per serving

This 4 ingredient creamy, sugar-free Mango Raspberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie is naturally dairy-free, gluten-free and can be made vegan.

4. Chickpea Pancakes with Onion & Feta

Check out the recipe here
4.85 from 19 votes
Protein: 23g
Calories: 441kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: Hauke

Bonus: a new take on breakfast
214 calories per serving

These easy chickpea pancakes are sweet and salty, and absolutely delicious. Be warned, breakfasts will never be the same again!

5. Greek Yogurt Fruit Salad

Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: FitMealIdeas
Bonus: the perfect start to your day
213 calories per serving

Protein packed healthy Greek yogurt fruit salad with fresh fruits served with vanilla flavored greek yogurt sweetened with monk fruit. It is no sugar, without cream cheese and cool whip yogurt salad

6. Vegan IRONMAN Oatmeal

Check out the recipe here
4.71 from 48 votes
Protein: 14g
Calories: 453kcal
Ready in:5 minutes

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp
Bonus: fuel for your busiest mornings
453 calories per serving

This power breakfast inspired by IRONMAN champion Patrick Lange is the perfect vegan way to smash your health targets!

7. Low Carb Egg Muffins

Check out the recipe here
4.60 from 146 votes
Protein: 17g
Calories: 219kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: the perfect grab and go breakfast
219 calories per serving

Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins. Simple recipe, great taste. Low carb and high in protein. Perfect as a full meal or filling snack.

8. Sweet Potato Kale Hash

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: BucketListTummy
Bonus: savory and nutritious
224 calories per serving

This Sweet Potato Kale Hash recipe is an easy way to add veggies to your breakfast. With sauteed kale and sweet potato and veggies, this vegan breakfast hash will be a morning favorite!

9. Quick Spanish Omelette

Check out the recipe here
4.50 from 12 votes
Protein: 10.4g
Calories: 299kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: Cristina & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: a classic for a reason
299 calories per serving

A modern update to a Spanish classic with less time, less oil, and the same great taste. Clear and easy instructions mean you’ll nail this Spanish wonder in no time.

10. Curry Tofu Scramble

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: FitMealIdeas
Bonus: hearty and fortifying
185 calories per serving

Vegan, protein-rich and healthy breakfast tofu scramble, is easy to make in under 30 minutes (if that sounds good, you need try our top 10 quick breakfast ideas, all ready in under 20 mins!). Loaded with vegetables, seasoned with curry powder, and makes a perfect dish to include in meal planning. Also known as “Tofu Bhurji”.


11. Curried Lentil Soup with Coconut

Check out the recipe here
5 from 9 votes
Protein: 19g
Calories: 493kcal
Ready in:30 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: hearty and protein packed
334 calories per serving

Follow our fool-proof simple cooking steps for the perfect coconut curry lentil soup. Packed with protein, fiber and a high-summer taste!

12. White Bean Salad

Check out the recipe here
4.95 from 18 votes
Protein: 20g
Calories: 438kcal
Ready in:17 minutes
Recipe by: Hauke

Bonus: light, colourful and easy
357 calories per serving

Speedy White Bean Salad – this tangy take on the classic is super-quick and super-tasty. It’s time to make lunch a thing to look forward to again.

13. Vegetarian Taco Salad

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: TheGourmetRD
Bonus: fresh and crunchy
460 calories per serving

If you’re looking for something delicious, healthy, and satisfying, look no further than this vegetarian taco salad (and if you are loving this, then try our 29 favorite vegetarian taco recipes too!)! It’s packed full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients from roasted sweet potatoes to creamy avocado to perfectly crunchy tortilla chips.

14. Pumpkin Lentil Soup with Ginger

Ready in: 20 minutes
Recipe by: MyGoodnessKitchen
Bonus: protein packed comfort food
200 calories per serving

Ready in around 20-minutes this 5-ingredient pumpkin lentil soup with ginger is a quick and delicious spiced bowl to warm the cockles (and if you like this, we have a list of 25 pumpkin soups that you will adore!).

15. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Ready in: 25 minutes
Recipe by: ChoosingChia
Bonus: perfect for summer
361 calories per serving

This recipe for Mediterranean Quinoa Salad will quickly become a staple in your kitchen. It’s perfect to enjoy on its own, bring to a potluck, or as a side!

16. Watermelon and Feta Salad

Check out the recipe here
4.84 from 6 votes
Protein: 19g
Calories: 426kcal
Ready in:10 minutes
Recipe by: Cristina Parés & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: surprisingly good flavour combos
381 calories per serving

This exceptionally quick and easy watermelon and feta salad is also incredibly tasty – and we even include a guide to picking the right watermelon!

17. Swiss Chard Soup with Lentils

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: TheCleverMeal
Bonus: perfect for summer
344 calories per serving

This scrumptious Swiss chard soup with red lentils takes one pot, it’s ready in 30 minutes and will surprise your taste buds! Hearty red lentils combined with green swiss chard, garlic, and broth infused with cumin, turmeric and cinnamon.

18. Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad

Check out the recipe here
4.75 from 8 votes
Protein: 14g
Calories: 428kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: Jansen

Bonus: awesome and totally vegan
428 calories per serving

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad – forget fads and so-called superfoods, this is the real deal. Vegan, delicious and rammed with nutrients.

19. Spicy Black Bean Soup

Check out the recipe here
4.73 from 54 votes
Protein: 19g
Calories: 392kcal
Ready in:20 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: creamy, cozy and spicy
442 calories per serving

So comforting you want to sit in it. Only vegan ingredients, great taste and ready in 20 minutes. High in protein and fiber. You won’t be disappointed!

20. Tofu Panzanella Salad

Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: FitMealIdeas
Bonus: perfect for summer
277 calories per serving

Try this spicy tofu Panzanella salad that is vegan, low-carb, protein-packed, and gluten-free. This spring Panzanella salad is a healthy twist to traditional Panzanella salad with cucumber, tomatoes, and oil-free lemon dressing.

21. African Peanut Soup

Check out the recipe here
4.70 from 39 votes
Protein: 21g
Calories: 517kcal
Ready in:25 minutes

Bonus: full of nutrients and exciting flavours
436 calories per serving

Healthy African peanut soup with rice, based on a traditional West African recipe that’s packed with protein, vitamins and, best of all, flavour (for more high protein vegetarian soups try these).

22. Spiced Chickpea Salad

Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: CaramelTintedLife
Bonus: crunchy and bursting with flavour
222 calories per serving

This delicious vegan chickpea salad is made with chickpeas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and onions dressed in a fresh, light vinaigrette – perfect for summer (and if you like the sound of this, you’ll love our other vegan chickpea recipes!). You will love the hint of spice in the dressing!

23. Vegan Lentil & Potato Salad

Check out the recipe here
4.91 from 10 votes
Protein: 19g
Calories: 435kcal
Ready in:15 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: full of nutrients and exciting flavours
420 calories per serving

This protein packed vegan lentil and potato salad is a perfect weight loss recipe. It’s filling, healthy and nutritious, while still tasting amazing!


24. Tomato Shakshuka

Check out the recipe here
5 from 5 votes
Protein: 17g
Calories: 357kcal
Ready in:25 minutes

Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp
Bonus: the darling of the food world for good reason
354 calories per serving

This easy vegetarian shakshuka recipe breaks everything down into simple steps for a great Shakshuka result every time!

25. Chili Garlic Tofu

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: ChampagneTastes
Bonus: garlicky, vegan and delicious
209 calories per serving

This easy vegan chili garlic tofu is made with extra-firm tofu, seared brussels sprouts and a sweet and spicy sauce. Serve with rice or cauliflower rice!

26. Easy Pasta with Lentils

Ready in: 55 minutes (just 10 min prep)
Recipe by: SkinnySpatula
Bonus: cozy and protein-packed
280 calories per serving

This easy pasta with lentils (pasta e lenticchie) is a simple one-pot recipe that’s bursting with flavour. Make it vegetarian or vegan for a delicious and healthy recipe that’s also budget-friendly.

27. Sweet Potato Feta Bake

Check out the recipe here
4.94 from 15 votes
Protein: 23g
Calories: 491kcal
Ready in:55 minutes
Recipe by: Hauke

Bonus: warm and cozy goodness
412 calories per serving

This sweet potato and feta bake (yams bake) recipe is the perfect comfort meal (and easily one of our favorite sweet potato bakes). Like casserole, but full of nutritious veggies for that delicious health kick!

28. Gnocchi With Roasted Vegetables

Ready in: 28 minutes
Recipe by: DancingThroughTheRain
Bonus: healthy, tasty, and easy
429 calories per serving

This delicious Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Roasted Vegetables is a fantastic dinner that you can have ready in less than half an hour! With mushrooms, leeks, kale and more, this flavorful dish is a complete meal in one pan!

29. Moroccan Spiced Carrot Chickpea Stew

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: OccasionallyEggs
Bonus: colourful, quick, and easy
220 calories per serving

A simple, pantry led Moroccan spiced carrot stew, with only five basic ingredients plus spices. Really easy and delicious, it’s a perfect weeknight option.

30. Tofu Sweet Potato Bowl

Ready in: 55 minutes (just 10 min prep)
Recipe by: VeggieChick
Bonus: bursting with protein and flavour
433 calories per serving

Warm up with this comforting Tofu Sweet Potato Bowl with Tahini Sauce. It’s FULL of amazing sweet and tangy flavors.

31. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie with Lentils

Ready in: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Recipe by: LittleSugarSnaps
Bonus: cozy and comforting
435 calories per serving

Vegan shepherd’s pie with lentils is pure comfort food. Loaded with nutritious ingredients all snuggled under creamy mashed potatoes. This is one hearty, comforting and easy to make veggie-loaded meal that is sure to delight your tastebuds.

32. Rogan Josh with Aubergine

Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: LittleSugarSnaps
Bonus: packed with protein and flavour
339 calories per serving

This vegetarian rogan josh curry is packed with wholesome ingredients – it’s healthy comfort food for chilly days. This curry is vegetarian/ vegan and a great way to satisfy a curry craving.

33. Sweet Potato Burritos

Check out the recipe here
4.90 from 37 votes
Protein: 19g
Calories: 457kcal
Ready in:55 minutes
Recipe by: Lorena & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: bursting with colour and flavour
496 calories per serving

Sweet Potato Burritos – bursting with Mexican flair and tantalizing flavours, this authentic recipe is easy to make for one or the whole big family (and if you’re looking for more tasty dishes the kids will love, try our vegetarian kids meals now!)!

34. Vegan Sweet & Sour Chickpeas

Ready in: 15 minutes
Recipe by: MyPlantifulCooking
Bonus: perfect for weeknights
345 calories per serving

Skip the Chinese takeout and make your own vegan sweet and sour chickpeas instead (and many other vegan Chinese dishes on top of that!)! It is rich, flavorful yet healthy at the same time.

35. Sheet Pan Huevos Rancheros

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: FoodMeanderings
Bonus: quick and spicy
400 calories per serving

These Easy Sheet Pan Huevos Rancheros are made with instant rice, canned refried beans and a quick blender tomato sauce for an easy, spicy delicious vegetarian breakfast in 30 minutes (more amazing vegetarian breakfast recipes here)!

Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: UrbanFarmie
Bonus: traditional Ayurvedic goodness
233 calories per serving

Kitchari is a rice-lentil porridge that follows Ayurvedic principles – an easy, healthy and convenient dish that comes together in just 45 minutes. Perfect for weeknight dinners and make ahead!

37. Vegan Tofu Bolognese

Check out the recipe here
4.96 from 23 votes
Protein: 23g
Calories: 478kcal
Ready in:30 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: vegan and awesome
596 calories per serving

It was about time we veganized the Italian classic (we do love a good vegan Italian recipe). And we’re proud to say we were successful. Please welcome the amazing Vegan Bolognese!

38. Saag Paneer

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: MyGoodFoodWorld
Bonus: nutritious and delicious
315 calories per serving

Spinach and paneer recipe that is easy, delicious and such a time saver without compromising on outcomes!

39. Sweet Potato & Asparagus Frittata

Ready in: 50 minutes (just 5 min prep)
Recipe by: EatTheGains
Bonus: creamy, easy, and healthy
303 calories per serving

Easy sweet potato frittata with asparagus, artichokes, and goat cheese packs protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Perfect for balanced breakfast, brunch, or meal prep.

40. Thai Noodle Salad

Ready in: 16 minutes
Recipe by: ThisThatMore
Bonus: fresh and colourful
461 calories per serving

Thai Noodle Salad is a perfect way to enjoy all the crunchy vegetables. It is served with amazing peanut sauce and that sauce makes this salad just too irresistible. This noodle salad are perfect for summertime as it only take just a few minutes to prepare.

41. Zucchini Tomato Eggplant Bake

Ready in: 50 minutes (just 10 min prep)
Recipe by: EverydayEileen
Bonus: comfort food that’s good for you
233 calories per serving

Super easy one pan vegetable bake with the addition of low-fat mozzarella and Parmesan Reggiano. Perfect on its own as an entree. Have this vegetable bake with a loaf of Italian bread to soak up the juices from the veggies.

42. Vegan Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Ready in: 45 minutes
Recipe by: DebraKlein
Bonus: bursting with flavour
228 calories per serving

Turn zucchini into a crave worthy meal with this easy recipe (find more plant-based zucchini recipes here!). The BEST plant-based filling EVER, with delicious meaty texture and tons of umami taste….topped with marinara sauce and baked to perfection.

43. 30 Minute Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Ready in: 30 minutes
Recipe by: KnifeAndSoul
Bonus: smokey and delicious
479 calories per serving

A quick and easy Vegetarian Burrito Bowl recipe with brown rice, coriander/cilantro, smoky refried black beans, zingy corn salsa, and creamy guacamole (if you like this, why not try our Mexican-inspired veggie quesadilla ideas?).

44. Bell Peppers in Mediterranean Sauce

Check out the recipe here
4.82 from 11 votes
Protein: 24g
Calories: 523kcal
Ready in:55 minutes
Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: literally stuffed with protein
529 calories per serving

Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers baked in a delicious tomato sauce – foolproof instructions and packed with vitamins and nutrients – bring the health back!

45. Vegetarian Bibimbap Recipe

Ready in: 50 minutes (just 10 mins prep)
Recipe by: IHeartUmami
Bonus: the original bowl meal
229 calories per serving

Vegetarian Bibimbap Recipe with bibimbap sauce, made gluten-free and soy-free (more veggie Asian recipes this way). This Korean bibimbap rice bowl is filled with vegetables that you can pick-and-choose what you want to make.

46. Kathi Roll with Paneer

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: GoHealthyEverAfter
Bonus: street food made at home
173 calories per serving

Paneer kathi roll recipe with an easy paneer masala filling, crunchy veggies and yummy mango chutney. A healthy, delicious paneer recipe that can be eaten as a snack, brunch or quick dinner.

47. Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Check out the recipe here
4.89 from 18 votes
Protein: 12g
Calories: 404kcal
Ready in:35 minutes
Recipe by: Kat

Bonus: creamy, delicious, and totally vegan
404 calories per serving

Follow Kat’s simple instructions for the creamiest vegan mushroom risotto this side of an animal product.

48. Vegan Ramen

Ready in: 1 hour (just 15 min prep)
Recipe by: VeganHuggs
Bonus: warm, cozy, and good for you
465 calories per serving

This Vegan Ramen recipe is a soul-warming dish that the whole family will love. It’s made with silky noodles, meaty shitake mushrooms, crunchy fried tofu, crisp veggies, and a deeply-flavored ginger-miso broth.

49. Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole

Ready in: 40 minutes
Recipe by: ChefSavvy
Bonus: the perfect blend of spices and cheesiness
396 calories per serving

This Easy Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole is layered with black beans, corn, green chilies, enchilada sauce and corn tortillas! This is an easy vegetarian meal the whole family will love (and you can find more simple vegetarian meals right here!)!

50. Lentil Patties

Check out the recipe here
4.96 from 23 votes
Protein: 28g
Calories: 405kcal
Ready in:25 minutes
Recipe by: Jansen & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: full of protein and nutrients
360 calories per serving

These awesome high-protein vegetarian lentil patties can be used as lentil burgers or fritters, and even made vegan, too!

5 from 3 votes
Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook Time:15 minutes
Total Time:25 minutes
Servings:2 servings (makes 6 patties)
Author: Jansen & HurryTheFoodUp



  • ½ cup low fat Greek Yogurt (½ cup = 120g)(you could also use sour cream)
  • 2 handful baby leaf salad


  • In a bowl add flour, coriander seeds, paprika, salt, eggs (or flax eggs) and some water if needed. Start 4 tbsp water, then add a couple more if the batter is still super-sticky. Mix to a batter.
  • Finely dice the red onion and rinse and drain the lentils. Mix in both to the batter.
  • Add the olive oil to a pan, wipe it around and and set to medium-high heat.
  • Now, ideally with a big spoon, take a burger-sized amount of the batter and place it into the pan. If needed adjust slightly with the spoon to make the patties look nice.
  • Fry flat in the pan 4 minutes each side or until golden brown.
  • If wanted, serve with a salad/potatoes/rice and your Greek yoghurt or sour cream or vegan mayonnaise. Enjoy 🙂


Please note the nutrtional data includes the optional salad and Greek yoghurt.
*we used low fat Greek yoghurt to save on calories, but you could certainly use regular Greek yoghurt or creme fraiche instead.


Nutrition Facts
50 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes – High-protein AND Low-fat
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Whether you came looking for high protein vegetarian recipes, low fat vegetarian recipes, or healthy vegetarian dinner recipes, I hope you found what you were looking for!

We know that a vegetarian diet can trick you into thinking you’re eating healthy but that’s not always the case. This list of healthy vegetarian recipes (btw, cheap vegetarian recipes are over here!) should be the guidance you need to stay healthy and stay vegetarian.

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